About the Orca Global Fund

The objective of the Orca Global Fund is to provide investors with capital growth and attractive risk-adjusted returns over the medium to long-term through exposure to a portfolio of global listed equities.

Benefits of investing in the Orca Global Fund include:

  • High quality and experienced investment team
    The Fund has access to an experienced investment team with more than a decade of experience in managing global equities and fixed income funds.
  • Geographic and sector diversification benefits
    The Fund offers the opportunity for Australian investors to diversify their investment portfolio beyond equities traded in Australia.
  • Targeting consistent distributions
    Although income from the Fund’s portfolio of securities will fluctuate, it is intended that the Fund will provide a steady cash flow, targeting a cash distribution of 4% per annum based on the NAV at or around the beginning of the relevant distribution period, paid semi-annually. The Investment Manager and Responsible Entity will endeavour to manage the difference between its actual income and this target. Where actual income is less than 4%, topping up the income with a distribution of capital may occur. The amount or frequency of distributions cannot be guaranteed



Like all investments, an investment in the Orca Global Fund carries risk which may result in the loss of income or principle invested. In addition to the general risks of investing, specific risk associated with investing in the Fund include, but are not limited to, investment selection and strategy risk, equity risk and foreign issuer risk. For further information about the risks of investing in the Fund please refer to Section 4 of the PDS.

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